An Infinite Summer

Weekend Recap…

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of the last two months.


I am a terrible blogger.


Its most likely because of all the


We have been doing these past two months.

We drove to California and stayed for a w h o l e w e e k.
It was b-e-a-utiful.

We went surfing.
And ate sushi on the beach.
And hung out with the awesome Richard’s family.
And went to the same Mexican restaurant three times in the same week.

We watched non-scary Halloween related movies.
(Us = Wimps)
And ate a whole bowl of Halloween candy.

We have had movie/pizza parties on the living room floor.
Went to dinner with friends.
And had candlelit fastfood dinners.

We gathered all of our caving gear.
And drove all the way to Logan.
All the way up through the majority of Logan Canyon.
To go caving.
In a blizzard.
And we purposely pulled off the road to see if we’d get stuck.
We did.
And so we drove home.
It was hilarious.

We have celebrated Thanksgiving.
And bought our first Christmas Tree.

And maybe the most upset we have been our entire marriage
is when our Harry Potter spells app wasn’t working on our iPhones
and we couldn’t properly duel each other.

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  1. ha ha your blog makes me happy sara. i like you. :)

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