An Infinite Summer

Weekend Highlights


Stuffing 3 large boys in the back seat of the Audi for 9 hours
Police thinking we were on pot
Having seagulls eat Cheez-its off of Ben
Making plans to come back to California every month until December…when we move there
Using 2 entire loaves of bread for 1 lunch
Stuffing 16 people in a 3 bedroom apartment
Having a sleepover with 6 people on 3 twin beds in 1 room
Stephen snoring so loud he drove the girls to the living room floor
Rip Curl steals
9 people in 1 room silently playing Scrabble against each other on iPhones/iPod touches for over an hour.
Cal & Freda
Vacation Constipation
Seeing Mikey in his mother-in-laws suit pants at church
Deciding the celestial kingdom will be just like this trip

Sorry for the lack of pictures…I was just laughing too dang hard.

*husband being a surfie*

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