An Infinite Summer

Two Years!


This Friday we celebrated our two year anniversary in true Sara/Trey style.

We went to the temple, where I was reminded again that no matter what happens in this life I will be able to be with my husband forever.  I will submit that this has to be the single most comforting truth that I know.

We then ate at Texas de Brazil (looking fabulous), where we noticed a man sitting all alone, on his bluetooth the entire time.

I knew in my heart of hearts that his wife was out of town, and she was at the same restaurant, at the same table, and they were on a date.  As I was being swept up in the romanticness of it all, Trey informed me what was really going on.

“His wife is out of town, and she is a vegan.  She makes him be a vegan.  After 30 years of forced veganism, every time his wife goes out of town he comes to a place like this and stuffs himself with meat.  The bluetooth is to record his feelings about what he is eating until the next time his wife goes out of town.  What we were witnessing here, was a meat affair.”

You decide.

We then got ice cream, came home and caught up on Suits.  We love us some Mike Ross and Harvey Spector.

Here’s to forever!


  1. i love this so much! words cannot describe how happy it makes me that you and trey married each other.

  2. the romantic in me loves and picks your story. but if we’re going to be real about it, trey’s story totally wins.

  3. I could have sworn I commented on this already, but I don’t see it. And I love your blog, so here I am again! Happy Anniversary you two! You are so cute and perfect for each other. We love you guys!

    -D & A

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