An Infinite Summer

Trey Richards, FTW!


Let’s talk about how my husband is LITERALLY the greatest. LITERALLY.

First off, he decides he wants to buy me a car for my birthday (a car!), but wants to get the green light before he drops 100 grand on a Mazarati (jk) (but seriously, he said he’d buy me one if that’s what I wanted.).

He then proceeds to look up all cars he thinks I would like, and plan which dealers to go to. He then takes me car shopping all Friday evening, being patient all the while with my lack of knowledge.

While he is responsibly looking for reliable cars, I am reading all the tweets about the “surprise ending”. Naturally, I decide we must see Twilight TONIGHT or we shall surely perish. And he goes. Willingly. He does not complain, or poke fun, he asks serious questions in order to understand the intricacies and details of Stephanie Meyer’s complex storytelling….uh….

He then wakes up and gets right to homework until I tell him I’m ready to shop some more. We look at great cars and come home. He just settles into his homework again, when I decide we need to buy the jetta. A Super Nice Car. He jumps up and dashes out the door, while I frantically get ready. I then leave him at the dealer, where he not only gets the car for less than auction price, but also wrangles an iPad into the deal. This takes him about 5+ hours, while I am off merrily enjoying myself at one of the greatest parties ever. He then goes home to finish his neglected homework.

When I saunter in around 11:30, he immediately asks if I want to go for a drive, and sits passenger for my long midnight drive – which then gives him only a few short hours to sleep before his meeting the next morning. Oh, and he teaches my lesson for me in Sunday school.

And THAT my friends, is why my husband is better than yours.


Srsly tho.



  1. yeaaah, you should probably keep him.

  2. Aw!! That is awesome. :) Hopefully one day, I will have someone just as great. Love this.

  3. trey wins, your new car wins, your birthday wins, and that blog party wins.

  4. uhhhhhh….he really is the best though. car shopping is the worst. i love how you got to party and laugh and listen to all these amazing voices sing while he won you guys a car AND an ipad. best.birthday.ever

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