An Infinite Summer

To My California Boy:


Happy Birthday!
on decembereleventhtwothousandandten
(late post because we were constantly together till now. i’m not mad.)
22 reasons why i love yur fayce:
(in no particular order)
1. You’re a Mac junkie.
2. When I’m stressed and crying you hug me and tell me I’m beautiful. Then you proceed to systematically bring down every reason I give you to be stressed. It’s awesome.
3. Your sense of humor is hilarious and you can always make me laugh (and when you laugh you close one eye and your shoulders shake, its adorable).
4. You love the beach as much as I do and I know we’ll make it to Hawaii.
5. You’ll watch girly movies with me.
6. You’ll randomly pick me up/spin me around/dance/battle royale with me.
7. You’re totally hot.
8. You like doing rad things like building forts.
9. Your favorite superhero is Aquaman.
10. You always do the dishes even when its not your turn.
11. Your winks.
12. You are a fantastic kisser.
13. I can talk to you about anything.
14. You always get excited to tell me new things about technology even when I have no clue what you’re talking about.
15. You have such an amazingly strong testimony and are one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met.
16. You picked 25 for your lacrosse number because you like Christmas.
17. You’re probably the only one who could ever challenge me at Harry Potter trivia (I’d still win.)
18. You get really, really upset at Utah drivers.
19. You get this look on your face when you think you’re being sneaky.
20. We’re so awesome together we’ve had multiple songs written about us. But seriously. We have.
21. You’re the most chilled out person I know.
22. I love every second that I’m with you. You are my best friend and I can’t wait to grow old and wrinkly (prune-y?) on our surfboards together.
(no pictures because blogger is being dumb…anyone else having that problem?)


  1. Cute :) I’m glad you guys are so happy!

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