An Infinite Summer

The other day


we somehow were talking about how birth control is just putting a lot of extra hormones in your body.
(don’t ask)
“Why do you take it then?”
“Do you want a child right now?”
“….me too.”
no plans like that of any sort right now, but at least we’re on the same page.
(and sometimes I feel like Tina Fey and I’m surrounded.)


  1. i love baby mama.
    LOVE it.

  2. I totally know this feeling!!! People who were married AFTER me are having kids and it REALLY makes me want kids. And I hate birth control – I really do but hey what’s a girl supposed to do? Oh and I know the whole being on the same page – we are too just wish I hadn’t of had to get my appendix taken out – doc says I have to wait awhile now… :(

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