An Infinite Summer

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, Ever. Pt III



He was back.

He was taller than I remembered.

We all went upstairs and talked and talked until finally everyone left and it was just us.

And his family.

After a lot more talking and Trey looking like he was about to pass out, it was time for me to leave, with the promise that I would return the next day.
We walked out to my car, I hugged him, and he said, “They are definitely watching us.”
So I gave a little wave in the window’s general direction (they were definitely watching us), and he said, “Why don’t we give them a show?” Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

He was totally back.


as you can see, nothing changed.

The next morning I woke up to a text message from an unknown number asking me where in the world I was. Thus beginning the period of time between him coming home and us being engaged where we never even went 24 hours without seeing each other.

He came home on a Friday night, and the entire weekend we were grinning like idiots. He met the rest of my family (while still having that deer-in-headlights expression. nice.), and the following Monday we headed up to school. For real.

Like I said, we were together everyday, and I had officially dropped off the face of the earth according to my roommates. I was one of Those Girls. (Did I really have to become every girl cliche? Srsly tho.)

In my defense, we had a lot to catch up on. Two years worth of
mission stories
sara stories
serious conversations
hilarious conversations
LOST episodes
cooking together

I don’t think I ever mentioned this. When Trey is cooking, he dances. It. Is. Awesome. Whenever I start dancing with him he tells me, “It’s all in the hips, it’s alllll in the hips.”

Which is pretty much his motto for life. Which kinda works if you think about it. His hips don’t lie.

Yeah. I went there. Had to.

fort building (including an astounding 2 story masterpiece)
exploring weird restaurants

Now, lets rewind to about two weeks after he came home.
“If I asked you to marry me right now, what would you say?”
“Um, I would say no.”
“That’s what I thought. Just checking.”

It seemed proper that since we had had a sleepover two weeks after we met that marriage would be brought up two weeks after returning home.

Thus beginning the series of Talks About Marriage.
You guys know how awesome we were at Serious Talks, remember our DTR?

Now, we had talked about marriage throughout his mission. He was the only person I was ever able to imagine marrying.
(I mostly imagined us dancing barefoot to this song as our first dance.
Which we did, by the way.)

But actually Talking About Marriage terrified me. I had spent my entire life ensuring that I did not have any serious relationships, then I spent two years completely shutting my heart to all of the male species, and now that my Imagined Wedding Dance Partner was here, in person, wanting to talk to me about marriage, I was freaking out.

Freaking out you guys.

One of the said Talks took place on a midnight drive to Bear Lake (right?). He basically told me that he would wait a floppity jillion years for me to get my act together as long as we were indeed going somewhere.

I stopped freaking out. I knew I wanted to marry this guy. I had known for years. We were going somewhere. We had been since That Time He Rolled His Lacrosse Ball Into My Apartment. I stopped praying for guidance on what to do and started praying telling my Heavenly Father what my plan was and to stop me if I was wrong. I got the green light.  In fact, I got the you-already-know-the-answer-so-just-go-ahead-and-do-it-already light.

We went to Park City with his sister and her husband at the end of February. Ish. Ever since that conversation 2 weeks after he had gotten home, it had never been a question of whether or not we’d get married, but of how soon.

I said something about the end of summer and he was all, “WTF?” and I was all, “right?

We stayed up till 4 in the morning talking and planning. Nothing had ever felt so right in my entire life. It was one of the greatest spiritual moments I have ever had.

We were also in the middle of planning our spring break trip to CA. In our even heightened googly eyed state it was definitely going to be the Best Trip Ever.

And it was. Until our honeymoon.

We were going, just the two of us for almost a whole week.
We packed the car, grabbed a loaf of bread and PB & J and were off. We
stayed with his uncle
surprised cousin Jules
celebrated cousin Annie’s birthday
went sailing
went swimming
stayed with his grandma
talked about everything under the sun

At the beach one day while I was sunbathing or something equally important, he asked Jules if he was cool enough to marry me. It will be forever known as That Time Trey Asked Jules’ Permission to Marry Me Before Anyone Else, Including My Dad.

We got home on Thursday and went to Bradford and Jenessa’s wedding on Friday. While there he asked me what I did and did not like about every. single. ring. we saw.

Saturday night came and he proclaimed that it was time to get some Nielson’s Frozen Custard (of course it was, it is always time for Nielsons’ Frozen Custard) and we went on a drive.  We were up near the mountains and he was all, “let’s get out” and I was all, “WTF I’m cold.”  But we got out, and he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said, “marry me Juliet”  JK.  But he did kneel and whip out a ring and I was flabbergasted.

I said yes.  (surprise!)

He explained his sneakiness by telling me that early that morning he went to breakfast with my dad and had a long chat with him all while I was still slumbering.  He was planning on proposing either at the beach or at Disneyland when we went with his family 2 weeks later (spoiled much?).  

But then he went with his mom to pick out a ring.
Trey:  (while looking at my future ring) “Wouldn’t the diamonds on the sides rubbing against her fingers get annoying?”
Trey’s Mom:  ”Trey.  If I had diamonds rubbing against my fingers for the rest of my life I would be happy.”
Smart woman.
Therefore, that was the ring that was destined to reside on my finger.

Once he had the ring he texted my dad saying it was “burning a hole in his pocket” and therefore went with the element of surprise.  Which I was completely fine with.

And so we went back to school engaged and twitter pated with grand plans to be sitting around my roommates and him just chuck the ring at my head and ask me to marry him and shock my roommates….yet somehow it did not happen.

And so we went to Disneyland like the proper engaged couple that we were, finished school and moved back to Davis County, enjoyed the summer blissfully together, and then all of the sudden it was the night before we would officially be able to have sex and still be temple worthy.  (my father-in-law once told me that was how he knew he was getting old – when his kids were able to pull that one off)

Trey dropped me off at my house, grabbed my hands and looked me straight in the eyes.  No funny business, this was Serious.  All he said was, “We made it.”

Yes we did.

I had made the wise decision to have an afternoon ceremony so I lounged around the house all day, chilling like it ain’t no thang.

The sealing was so beautiful and so sacred.
I don’t remember much of what was actually said, but something the sealer told us beforehand will always stay with me.  

“Satan lost today.”


The reception was awesome, except for the fact that it was a floppity jillion degrees outside.  My poor friends and family.

Read about the honeymoon here.

And here we are!  If you stuck with me till now I am impressed.  And if you didn’t, I enjoyed writing it down, and you’re not even reading this anyway so booyah.  I’ll do a marriage edition sometime soon, but for now, this is the end of the mega posts.

I have learned and grown so much since That Time That Kid Rolled His Lacrosse Ball Into My Apartment.  We are madly in love.

I have an amazing, hilarious, live-in, BFF with benefits.  And that’s the dream.


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