An Infinite Summer

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, Ever. Pt II

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*Shout out to Jenessa, without whom this relationship never would have been possible*
In the midst of all of our adventure having, and me trying to keep from having a boyfriend, I was realizing some interesting things.
I was realizing that even though when I went home for the weekends and hung out with old friends I really just wanted to hangout with Trey.
I realized that I didn’t want to go on dates with anyone else.
Basically I realized I wanted to spend all my time with Trey.
I realized that I had found someone who loved the beach and the ocean just as much or more than I did, and that it actually could be possible to someday live at the beach and have a family and be a faithful church goer and be blissfully happy. This was revelatory.
I realized that I had never been more myself with a boy.
I realized that I had never had more fun with a boy.
I realized that he was the best kisser I ever did kiss. (What? It’s true.)
Well folks, the semester was coming to a close, and wouldn’t you know it, Trey and Derek were leaving on LDS missions after it ended. You guys, I know. Heaven help me, I was not going to be one of Those Girls. Barf.
I very distinctly remember lying on the Lovesac one night, and having a conversation that went a little something like this:
Trey, “Um, uh, I don’t really want this to just be some fling with my neighbor that ends when school does….”
Me, “Me neither.”
Suck it, DTR’s.
Well. The semester ended, we moved home, hung out a lot, and he went to Hawaii with his family for ten days. I thought I was going to die, and if I couldn’t even survive him being gone for ten days how in the name of all that is holy am I going to survive two years and wait a minute, didn’t I decide I wasn’t going to be one of Those Girls?
He came back, I was alive, we continued to hangout, talk, etc. etc. School started again. I went up to school, he drove in a blizzard to come visit and we watched movies all night and talked and stuff. (I can’t give you guys ALL the intimate details of our conversations)
One night I had a dream that he told me he loved me. I was truly sad when I woke up and realized it wasn’t true. Thus confirming the suspicion in my mind that I Loved Him. For real you guys.
After that, it took all I had to keep it in. And so one night very soon before he left, I said it. While crying, because it was close to him leaving, and I was terrified because remember how awkward I am with real live feelings? He looked at me, picked me up and hugged me and said, “me too.” And that will forever be known as The Time I Said I Love You And He Said Me Too.
The time came for us to really say goodbye, because I had to go back to school, and he was getting set apart as a missionary in the next couple days. We said I Love You for reals, we were super super googley eyed and that’s that.
We texted, talked, iChatted (oh you know before face time and all that?) constantly, and then he left. He called me from the airport, and me still being completely awkward, couldn’t just say goodbye like a normal person.
I remember coming home sobbing and telling my very alarmed father that “there just isn’t anything wrong with him!” He informed me that was called love. We duh I already knew that dad, gosh. (right?)
I was a little bit of a mess. I was one of Those Girls. I hated every second of it. I hated that he was gone and I hated that I hated that he was gone. I don’t even think I looked at another boy for almost a whole semester. I mastered the art of looking as disgusting as possible because I never really cared that much when someone I liked was around, so I sure as heck wasn’t going to care now. The joke around my apartment was, “Shh, Sara’s sleeping.” Just because I sort of hated the boys on my floor and wanted no part of their stupid shenanigans in my apartment.
Well. We wrote almost weekly, and wrote about life, spiritual things, how we were going to take a big trip to Mexico when he got back, and lots of jokes. I sent him pictures and awesome things, he sent me pictures and awesome things.
For awhile he sent me a square of toilet paper from every apartment he stayed at. Awesome things like that.
Did I mention he was in England? He sent me a picture of him standing on the street, Privet Drive. Privet Drive you guys.
I learned to live with myself being one of Those Girls and actually made friends that were girls. Who I’m still friends with, and will be forever, so there. We had hilarious good times, and while I flirted and randomly dated, nothing even remotely serious came into my life.
About a year after Trey had left, I had started seriously hanging out with someone. I say hanging out because I don’t think anyone knew what was going on with us, including us. Near the beginning of this, Trey wrote me a letter. This became known as That Time Trey Wrote Sara Off.
Yep. That happened.
My heart was completely broken. Omitting the excruciating detail (I know, I know, now is the time I decide to summarize?), it was a spiritual prompting, and it truly was for the best. It changed the way we looked at things, and helped us grow in unimaginable ways. About a month later (ok so sometimes it was that long in between letters anyways, so what?) he wrote me again, and we picked up pretty much where we left off, but older and wiser than before.
Meanwhile, I was still “seriously hanging out” with someone. I went to Switzerland for the summer, and spent it traveling by myself. (Which I recommend to everyone. Everyone.) The 2 years in which he was gone I learned more about myself than my whole life combined. Eventually I ended the “serious hanging out”, it was very dramatic, people ended up hurt, that didn’t have to be if I hadn’t been such a doofus, and it was a gigantic learning experience for me.
Cue December. Trey was coming home in the beginning of January, I was completely single and I was ecstatic. Who knew what would happen, (ok, we had our suspicions) but I could not wait to find out. I went to his house on Christmas to talk to him a mere two weeks before he was coming home. We joked and laughed and talked just as we always had, and I was about to die of excitement.
The day came that he was coming home. I didn’t go to the airport because hello, I was not going to spend the first time I saw him giving him a handshake. It was my roommate Kylie’s wedding reception that night, I went to that, came to Trey’s house, and waited for his family to get home. All of his friends showed up, I was very nervous, and when he came through the door I jumped on him and that was that.
And that brings the end of Part II, Part III will be coming soon!
(I wonder how many Parts I can stretch this out to be…?)

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  1. I still remember how excited you were the night of my reception that Trey was coming home! It was so much fun to see you excited! Now to bring this to attention – I have yet to meet Trey…..And I am now in the Salt Lake Valley I think playing is in order dearest beautiful Sara.

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