An Infinite Summer

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, Ever. Pt I


I realized the other day that I have yet to document fully the way Trey and I became, well, Trey and I.
Thus begins my utterly fascinating story told in excruciating detail titled,
The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, Ever.
That Time That Kid Rolled His Lacrosse Ball Into My Apartment.
The time was August 2007 and I had just moved in to my freshman apartment at Snow Hall in Logan Utah.
I was living away from my parents (whom I love dearly, but still)
Living with friends
About to start college
And about to meet a whole new mess of hot guys
(that seriously was on my list of excitements)
I was in heaven.
I was sick of high school and the people in it and ready to flirt with some college babes.
Flirt, as in flirt with as many boys as humanly possible, not get married for a floppity jillion years and just party on Wayne, party on.
(i may or may not have been sort of a tease. but weren’t we all at some point or another.)
At church the first week we were there I saw a blonde kid and his friend and thought hm. Then forgot about it. Then at Family Home Evening (possibly the only one attended in my entire singles ward experience) I saw them again! There was pizza, they grabbed some and left. How mysterious.
Luckily, we lived with the RA and she knew what was up. She deduced that there was one apartment on our floor of potential hotties, therefore we made lemon bars to take over.
(i so did that. that really happened.)
Before we could, however, a lacrosse ball came rolling in through our open door. Blonde kid and his friend came in, apologized, introduced themselves as Trey and Derek, didn’t want any lemon bars (Fail) and left.
RA Katie said there was no Trey on her list and that the blonde one must live somewhere else. Disappointment.
According to them, that was truly an accident, but then they decided it was a good way to meet girls. So they rolled their ball into every apartment on our floor. And then rolled their ball in again to ours.
Turns out Trey was really George Edd Richards III (get it, the third?) and he really did live right next to us. (score!) We talked, kinda thought they were awkward and a little weird (turns out this was their specialty). It was mentioned that they were from Bountiful, and Ali (one of my roommates) and I were from Farmington so instant bonding was done.
(I originally wrote bondage but that just sounded wrong)
Ali’s mom was even Trey’s English teacher in high school! What a world. More bonding ensued.

We saw them again at a “Welcome to School BBQ.” Trey invited us to go see Mr. Bean with his friends. We declined. I remember him saying he was interested in marine biology, and that he was wearing a shark tooth necklace. I thought, hm, he is kool.

We invited them to some other BBQ (what’s with college and welcome back BBQ’s? I wasn’t complaining) and, while I’m a little fuzzy on the details, somehow we all exchanged numbers (for some reason I remember one of them shouting theirs at us as we walked away or as an elevator was closing? I don’t know.)

We had a floor meeting about all the rules, it was super long and super boring. There was an old weird dude and a young weird girl talking, and Trey started texting me telling me they were probably dating. As we speculated about their relationship, I thought, hm, he is kool.

(Fact: We lived on the 5th floor. Sometimes I would take the stairs just because I would then have to pass their door and sometimes it would be open. Obviously I have no shame.)

Two weeks later we were all at a football game, and the brilliant plan to go camping in Bear Lake was hatched. We grabbed our blankets, pillows, a giant bag of pretzels, and set off. “Who thinks we need a campsite? We can just sleep on the beach and swim in the morning,” was our genius thought process. We made it to Bear Lake, stopped in at Bear Lake Pizza, and set out to find our spot. After copious amounts of walking around with blankets and pillows we finally picked our spot. We got all settled in and were then blinded by headlights.

Apparently the ranger thought we needed a campsite.

After we were kicked out, Derek, (Natalie?), Ali and Jules wanted to go home. I was appalled. This was an adventure that we were on here, we were in college for pete’s sake.

Trey, apparently, felt the same way.

Ali and Jules told me I could just stay with him.
(what kind of roommates do that? he could have been a serial killer for all they knew)
I think my mouth literally dropped open. I cannot do that. But wait, I am on an adventure and I am in college and can’t I do whatever the crap I want?

So I stayed.
Now, at this point, two weeks into our knowing each other, we were definitely digging on each other. I mean, there were signs. Like, we would always sit next to each other. Stuff like that.

So everyone else departed, taking the pizza with them, leaving us to survive in the wild with our giant bag of pretzels. As we drove around looking for a new spot he got a text from someone and told me about how he got this girls number by writing it on his bank deposit slip and sending it in, and they actually dated. I thought this was hilarious.

We found a spot, and made ourselves comfortable (as comfortable as one can get on top of a car). Suffice it to say, this night had started to get sufficeintly awkward. I mean, our friends had completely abandoned us in our time of need, and he could have been a serial killer you guys!
What I remember of that night is a lot of talking, no sleeping, somehow us having a contest to see who can not talk the longest and us going for about an hour with him snapping his fingers in my face and me shoving him off the car in annoyance. Somewhere in there (probably out of pure exhaustion and desperation for comfort) we got cuddled in there, and maybe, possibly, shared a smooch or two.

Turns out it gets really cold at night there, so at like 5:00 am we moved to the car and fell asleep for an hour or so. We awoke to a ranger tapping his flashlight on the window and telling us we weren’t allowed to be there. Finding this infinitely hilarious, we drove to an actual sandy beach, went swimming in the arctic water and took a short nap. I think we held hands. We drove home, waved awkwardly goodbye, and I shut the door.

(sidenote: as much of a flirt and a tease as I said I was, I was and probably still am remarkably awkward when it comes to things like actual feelings)

My roommates burst out laughing, and I sank to the floor. They had taken bets on whether or not we had cuddled, but they had not taken into account the possibility that we would have actually kissed. Proud to have exceeded their expectations, I promptly went to bed and fell asleep till that evening, while Trey drove home to Bountiful for something he had going on there. Later I found out he had called his sister and told her all about this “girl he liked”.
(And he washed my socks, which I somehow had left in his car. I should have known right then and there that this guy was The Chosen One.)

When he got back, he would randomly say “remember that time we kissed?” and, “hey guys, remember that time I kissed Sara?” ensuring that this situation would remain as awkward as humanly possible. I mean, what had I done? I had come to college to flirt with as many boys as I possibly could, and here I was kissing one already? This was heading towards dangerous territory here.

Thus began our relationship of hanging out constantly, and maybe, possibly sharing a smooch here and there. True Aggie night rolled around, we made each other True Aggies and it will forever be known as the night that The Most Hilariously Awkward Kiss Mankind Has Ever Seen happened.

Somewhere in there I remember telling him that “maybe, uh, we should, like, stop kissing if that’s like, uh, all we’re doing” trying to keep myself from having a boyfriend and also keeping myself from being one of those girls. That held up for maybe a week.

The semester continued, and we were together everyday. I mean, we lived literally 10 feet away from each other.

Thus began adventures such as:
Peach smoothies
LOST marathons
Hiding shoes in freezers
Taping Caitlin’s exercise ball to the ceiling
Midnight bike rides
Completely switching Derek and Caitlin’s rooms
Derek sneaking into our apartment to take showers just because RA Katie told him he couldn’t
Playing in fire truck foam
Lovesac jumping
Recording sessions
Midnight food runs
Hiding Ghandi Katie The Great (aka Javier, Trey’s roommate’s hamster from RA Katie because they weren’t allowed – even though he named it after her)
That time Javier accidentally ordered the 7th Harry Potter in Braille and it came in a gigantic stack of manuscripts.

If you are still with me here…stay tuned for Part II, coming soon to a blog near you!


  1. oh good gosh. This trip down memory lane. I laughed and got super nostalgic. sigh… beautifully done, just beautiful.

  2. Ok, sorry for my double comment. I thought it erased the first one (I was way mad) so I re-did it. Now I can’t figure out how to delete it, so you are stuck with 2 posts. That’s all, now I’m really done posting comments.

  3. i already love this story. make part two happen asap!

  4. sara! i completely forgot you were roommates with caitlin that whole year!!!! so weird.

    also this is awesome and i can’t wait for part 2.

    the beginning of this sounds like easy a.

  5. I would like some recognition please. I will look for it in part II. This is Jenessa by the way. You guys are funny and I like reading about memories from Snow Hall. And I’m so jealous of your trip to the Bahamas! Let’s hang out soon, bye!

  6. I am still here and would like a tiny bit of recognition please. I will look for it in part II. This is jenessa by the way. You guys are funny. Gotta love snow hall :) And I’m so jealous of your Bahamas trip by the way!

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