An Infinite Summer

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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The Ugly:
Any hour before 6:00 am. 5:59 why do you even exist?
Last night’s dinner consisted of tomato soup, taquitos and cheez-its. Fail.
The Bad:
Trey is the one who taught me how to iron my dress pants. Double fail.
I had Wendy’s at 10:45 am this morning.
The Good:
I quit my job. It’s not you Job, it’s me. But…it’s mostly you.
(and from seeing the aforementioned meal choices i apparently couldn’t care less about the body builder lifestyle)
We are going to California in less than one. week.
Let me ‘splain the awesomeness of this situation.
We did this California trip last year for Spring Break ’10.
Just check out how fun it was:

Reasons why this trip will rock harder:
We are officially official and can now do like, married people stuff, yo. ;)
We are seeing Wicked.
We are either driving in Trey’s car with the sweet dvd-playing stereo his super awesome wife bought him (holla!) or hitching a ride with some randoms and therefore being super thrifty.
The randoms are actually The Walkers, and they are pretty rad.
We are staying for one. whole. week.
Bring it on Spring Break 2011! Bring. It. On.

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  1. Oo this post gives me chills of excitement. I can’t wait. We are so excited. Text me and we will figure it all out since the boys don’t do that texting thing too well. :p 801-462-1282

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