An Infinite Summer

The First


Is that not the weirdest word? Who came up with it?
Maybe I’m the only one that thinks that.
This is me, this is my life, and these are my thoughts.
I started “A Blog” because:
a) Anything to be more like Kelli can’t be bad.
b) I’ve always loved writing, always.
c) It’s the best way to get my super rad future Swiss photos to those who want to see them.
d) I’ve been noticing that there is a huge hole where my creative spot used to be, and maybe this will help.

If no one ever read this…lets just say I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.
There is something semi-magical about sending your thoughts out into cyberspace. The mere fact that this is out there. Someone might come across it. Might see it. Might read it. The chance of that, however small, is in my mind, enough motivation to keep writing, really.

Because its different than a journal or diary.
Posting my musings for anyone who may or may not care to know them…
is sort of glorious.

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