An Infinite Summer

Sunday Love


Sunday was pretty average.

Except for when the Bishop entered our SS class and said
President Monson will be with us in sacrament meeting today, so can we get to our seats a little early?”

um what?

Apparently his grandson is in our ward and was blessing his baby.

Who knew!

Of course I immediately started tearing up. The spirit was so strong the whole testimony meeting.
At the end he got up and said a few words.
Made a few jokes.
And basically said, don’t worry about anything. If you are doing the Lord’s will, he’s got your back.
Which is of course exactly what I needed to hear.

I also would like to share this poem with you.
Because I think its beautiful and paints such a fantastic picture in my mind
(I’ll bet he was singing and dancing)

Morning Person
Vassar Miller

God, best at making in the morning tossed
stars and planets, singing and dancing, rolled
Saturn’s rings spinning and humming, twirled the earth
so hard it coughed and spat the moon up, brilliant
bubble floating around it for good, stretched holy
hands till birds in nervous sparks flew forth from
them and beasts – lizards, big and little, apes,
lions, elephants, dogs and cats cavorting,
tumbling over themselves, dizzy with joy when
God made us in the morning too, both man
and woman, leaving Adam no time for
sleep so nimbly was Eve bouncing out of
his side till as night came everything and
everybody, growing tired, declined, sat
down in one soft descended Hallelujah.

You can’t tell me that’s not wonderful.

And I’ll leave you with this:

us in our hats from our Christmas poppers
(just like in Harry Potter)

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