An Infinite Summer

Sunday Funday


One of the best parts of being in our own little family of two is starting our own traditions.
One of my favorites is our Sunday morning ritual.
Every week we wake up
make cinnamon rolls
And watch a Sunday Movie
(aka “little kid” movie that we still love. Last week it was Like Mike. Today its Beauty and the Beast.)

And then we get ready, go to church, and head to family’s for dinner.
Hope your Sunday is fabulous!


  1. hooly. those rolls looks incredible. i like your traditions. you two are cute.

  2. Gosh that would be heaven if we had time for that! That is a fun tradition. I feel like we are always sprinting out the door…late. No bueno. Sundays are so busy and crazy. I love this. Maybe we’ll steal it someday.

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