An Infinite Summer

some halfway highlights

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being told “i just thought you had gained some weight, i didn’t know you were pregnant!” before i actually started showing at all.

crying because i couldn’t decide where to eat for dinner.

buying mango salsa from costco, it getting left out overnight, and obsessing about it for the next two weeks.

getting emotional at the beach because of a passing thought about my family’s cat that was put down a year ago.

realizing just how many activities of daily living require the abdominal muscles that i do not have anymore.

that dream i had where an extended family member saw his mom, who was actually hannah’s mom from pretty little liars, with a guy from gossip girl, who actually isn’t from gossip girl, but my brain told me that he was, who wasn’t the family member’s dad, so he murdered his/hannah’s mom and hid her head in the drawer where i keep my hair brushes.  (this may speak more to deep-seated psychological issues than the fact that i am pregnant)

being able to completely justify eating three bowls of cinnamon toast crunch right before bed if i want to.

trey being able to win every “a real man would…” argument with his brothers with, “a real man would get his wife pregnant with a baby boy.”

knowing all along that we were having a boy.

baby kicks.

the look on trey’s face the first time he felt one.

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  1. let’s talk about crying because we’re hungry and don’t care what/where we eat. let’s tell our husbands we’re not alone in this (even though they won’t believe us). let’s talk about how hard bending over is. let’s talk about crying. let’s talk about eating a lot because we can. let’s talk about how magical baby kicks are and how cute it is to see your husband’s face light up every time he feels one. let’s talk about how exciting and fun and crazy being pregnant is.

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