An Infinite Summer

Say hello to my little friend…


The iPad.
Oh yeah.
We totally got one.
The announcement of this little baby was greatly anticipated in the Richards’ household let me tell you.
(“Sara! It’s practically faster than your computer. It could replace your computer!”)
We waited in line. Early.
This is how grumpy Trey was.

Even though for the past 3 weeks every conversation of ours went something along the lines of:
“Trey, what do you want to eat?” “You know what I really want? The iPad 2.”
“Trey this is cool!” “You know what’s really cool? The iPad 2.”
“(insert anything I say here)” “But Sara. Think about the iPad 2.”

shocked that we actually got one.

Pure Joy.


  1. oh you’re so lucky!! don’t tell kenny though because he wants one way super bad too. is yours white like that picture?? it’s so pretty!

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