An Infinite Summer



This is my latest purchase.

So let’s talk about how I spent 60 dollars more for the opportunity to pick my own insane colors and put RISE on the tongues.

If you hate it, LIE.  I spent hours (hours!) agonizing over the design and whether or not I should spend the money.  Because, lets get real here, the plain black, already made pair would function EXACTLY THE SAME.  But…YOLO right?  YOLO.

Why rise?  I am the type of colossal nerd who gets inspired by just about anything, including superhero movies.  That being said, if you were not inspired by The Dark Knight Rises, your brain to heart connectivity may be malfunctioning in a seriously serious way.

Let’s all take a moment of silence for Jack Kelly/JGL(!)/Tom Hardy/Anne/Morgan/Alfred’s collective bad-assery.

I believe that movies can be so much more than just movies.  That is a different conversation for a different day.

But in all solemness there was just something about him getting out of that prison that resonated so metaphorically deep within me, that I just had to immortalize it in my running shoes.  You know?

Thanks in large part to my sister, I will officially be running the Provo Half with her on October 27.  And when I say “with” I mean “significantly behind”.  She didn’t get to be the captain of her cross-country team for nothing.

Running has always kind of fascinated me.  It is one of the most basic of human instincts – all you do is put one foot in front of the other.  Yet to a lot of people it is the pinnacle of Hard Things.  Somehow running 26.2 miles takes someone from Normal Person to Extraordinary Human.  (If a person runs a marathon, but no one is around to Facebook it, did it really happen?  These are the things that keep me up at night.)

I read an article about a 60 year old man who has run at least one mile every day since he was a freshman in college.  He mentioned that, “At some point you just have to become comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable.”

I observed something amazing at the last high school cross country meet I attended.  The girl who finished first literally collapsed as soon as she crossed the finished line, and had to basically be carried off the field.  Almost the same thing happened to the next few girls, and it got progressively better as more people came across the line, until it got to the point where a girl would finish, and walk right off like she’d just come back from a morning jog.

I realize the large part genetics plays, and there is nothing more important than good training, but my takeaway is this:  The thing that separates the Normal People from the Extraordinary Humans is the ability to push.  The ability to dig down deep and go a little farther, a little longer, a little harder.  The ability to rise to individual potentials, or to just rise out of freaking bed in the morning – Oh the possibilities are endless, why can’t they just COME ALREADY so I can truly start to RISE ABOVE THE MEDIOCRITY OF THE NORMAL PERSON?  (Shoes – it’s a girl thing.)

Here’s to getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.


  1. Wow, I’m speechless, other than …… YES!!!!!!!!!!

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