An Infinite Summer

April 2, 2013
by Sara


IMG_1186(the creepiest “we’re excited” faces we could muster)



We are moving!




You guys.  YOU GUYS.  It’s finally happening.

When are you moving?!

Trey graduates from school May 3.  My last day at work will be May 3.  We will be moving sometime after that.

Where are you living?!

We will initially be moving in with my fabulous in-laws, in order for us to get down there and find the perfect place.  They live in San Clemente, California, and can see the ocean from their house (swoon!).  We will be looking for a condo/tiny home somewhere in that area.

What will you do for work?!

Trey owns his own business, and can work anywhere with an internet connection.  I….well, we all know all I want is a squishy baby to be my beach buddy, but I also have some projects in mind that I’m pretty excited about.  And if it turns out I need to get a job at any point, then I will.

Won’t you miss your family?!

If you ask me this, I hope you fully expect me to give you the stink-eye in return.  OF COURSE WE WILL.  It is terribly exciting to be moving closer to one half of our family, and horrifically sad to be leaving the other.

What it really comes down to though, is that we just REALLY WANT TO LIVE AT THE BEACH.  Trey was born and raised in Southern California, and could swim before he could walk.  He has always wanted to go back.  As for me, my parents knew I was a goner the second my nine year old self cried to my dad saying that I was homesick, after we came back to Utah from my first Hawaii trip.  (I mean, have you looked at this blog?)

It is heartbreaking to leave my family behind, as well as our friends and loved ones.  But all I can say is, once we have our own place (and let’s be honest, probably before, the Richards’ really are the coolest), you all have a FREE BEACH HOUSE TO STAY AT!  I cannot emphasize enough how much we want each and every one of you (unless you’re a stranger, don’t be weird) to come visit us, and not be awkward about it.  Just tell us you’re coming and we’ll leave the doors unlocked.  Or just show up, I love surprises more than anything.

We realize how incredibly blessed we are that Trey can work wherever he wants, and that we have such supportive family members.  It truly is amazing, and we cannot wait for this new phase of life.

Now let’s cram as much face time with as many of you as possible before May, shall we?






March 11, 2013
by Sara

Getting Personal

Things have been quiet on the blog front – we have some fun things that may be happening soon that I can’t quite share yet, but I’ve also been debating on whether or not to share this post.  I decided that I should.

Did you know that after trying unsuccessfully for one year to get pregnant, you can officially be considered infertile?

When I stopped taking birth control, and my period stopped coming, I thought it was only a matter of time until things righted themselves once again.  After all, those pills can do crazy things to people.  As months passed and my midwife suggested I go see a fertility specialist, I resisted.  I didn’t need a specialist, that would mean that something was wrong, broken, needing to be fixed.  After failed hormones and clomid, we finally decided I needed more intensive help.

I went to see a specialist at the Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine, and he told me at my very first visit, exactly what my problem was.  Isn’t it fascinating and sad how our fear and pride can get in the way of us solving the very problem that we are afraid of?

Turns out I have polycystic ovarian syndrome – my eggs do not fully mature, causing them to get stuck and form cysts in my ovaries, which in turn means that I do not ovulate as a normal person should.

The good news is that I have plenty of eggs, and appear to be completely healthy otherwise.  After trying the standard clomid, I was blasted with various hormones and medications that actually worked too well – we were told to hold off for a bit so we wouldn’t end up with quadruplets and the whole host of health problems that would follow.  So now it is a bit of a waiting game, finding the correct dosage of medications and hoping everything else goes as it should.  Huzzah!

This has been an interesting part of my life.  The best word I can find to describe it is tiring.  Worrying is tiring, waiting is tiring, the flood of hormones is tiring (I never really believed in hot flashes before, BUT I DO NOW).  I have found that the more people I tell, and the more open I am, I feel a little lighter, a little more awake.  My sweet friend Amanda has been particularly helpful.

I am so grateful for brilliant doctors, good insurance, and that fact that we live in a time and place where these things can be treated.  I couldn’t ask for a better husband than Trey, who has never once been worried.  When the fear would overflow and start to engulf me, he’d calmly pull me back up and remind me that everything will be alright.

A few weeks ago we went to the temple and did sealings.  This, more than anything else, is what has made me feel at peace.  Listening to people getting sealed to their parents, I realized how amazing all of those blessings are.  They transcend time, afflictions, and even blood.  I realized that I have full faith that I will be able to have children in this life, and if not, we will adopt, and I will have children in the next life – but no matter what happens, the blessings are exactly the same, and we will be sealed together as a family forever, which really, is the only thing that matters.

A few people have not quite known how to react once I’ve told them what’s going on, and all I can say is this – my frustration at not having my plan go exactly my way, in no way lessens my happiness for others and their babies.

We had a lesson in Young Women’s awhile ago (why do I still feel like those apply to me more than any relief society lesson ever could?  Oh yeah, because my favorite TV shows, movies, and books are the same as my 14 year old girls) and we were told to do three things to be happy now.

1.  Spend more time with those you love.  I am trying my hardest to cherish this time with just Trey and I, because once it changes, it will never be the same.  It will be awesome, but not the same.  So for now, I am loving spontaneous dates, unhindered road trips, and The Walking Dead marathons (zombies!).

2. Strive to become the person you want to be.  There are so many motherly qualities that I admire so greatly, and that I am so far from.  It’s nice to know I can still work on them.

3.  Be happy now.  I have an amazingly good life.  I don’t know how I got so blessed, but I am sure going to try to appreciate every second of it.

I was astounded the other day to realize that I actually felt a little bit of gratitude for this whole ordeal.  Thinking back to where we were a year ago, and the person I was, I am so. much. more. prepared to be a mother.  And I am nowhere near prepared enough.  Whenever we have kids, I’m pretty sure I’m just going to be terrified from the day we find out, until…always.  I do know that whenever we do start our family, it will be sweeter than it could have been (for me personally anyway) otherwise.

Maybe it’s just because I am at that age where my friends are trying to make babies instead of prevent them, or maybe people are just much more open in general about this sort of thing – but I know more people than I would ever wish to know who have in the past, or are currently now struggling with infertility.  So many people have been fighting for much longer, and with much more difficult problems than me.  My heart goes out to all of them.  I count myself to be so, so lucky.


But seriously.  The Walking Dead you guys.


December 2, 2012
by Sara

It’s Here!

It is FINALLY Christmas in the Richards’ Household!

I am a pull-out-the-Christmas-stuff-at-twelve-o-one-Thanksgiving-night kind of girl.

But this year, we had the unfortunate task of having to go to California and Mexico to spend Thanksgiving with family….shoot.

It was terrible.  The empty resort, beautiful weather, and tacos as far as the eye can see really was just the worst.

But seriously.  It was awesome.

Combine post-vacation depression (am I the only one that gets that?) with having to work overtime, and our house was decidedly Scroogey until yesterday, when I got my act together.

Now my house is a sparkly, wintery wonderland, that my blurry, ill-staged iPhone pics I took in 2.5 seconds this morning just do not do justice.

So come visit!  We can drink hot chocolate, bask in all the glitter, and then….we’ll snuggle.

November 19, 2012
by Sara

Trey Richards, FTW!

Let’s talk about how my husband is LITERALLY the greatest. LITERALLY.

First off, he decides he wants to buy me a car for my birthday (a car!), but wants to get the green light before he drops 100 grand on a Mazarati (jk) (but seriously, he said he’d buy me one if that’s what I wanted.).

He then proceeds to look up all cars he thinks I would like, and plan which dealers to go to. He then takes me car shopping all Friday evening, being patient all the while with my lack of knowledge.

While he is responsibly looking for reliable cars, I am reading all the tweets about the “surprise ending”. Naturally, I decide we must see Twilight TONIGHT or we shall surely perish. And he goes. Willingly. He does not complain, or poke fun, he asks serious questions in order to understand the intricacies and details of Stephanie Meyer’s complex storytelling….uh….

He then wakes up and gets right to homework until I tell him I’m ready to shop some more. We look at great cars and come home. He just settles into his homework again, when I decide we need to buy the jetta. A Super Nice Car. He jumps up and dashes out the door, while I frantically get ready. I then leave him at the dealer, where he not only gets the car for less than auction price, but also wrangles an iPad into the deal. This takes him about 5+ hours, while I am off merrily enjoying myself at one of the greatest parties ever. He then goes home to finish his neglected homework.

When I saunter in around 11:30, he immediately asks if I want to go for a drive, and sits passenger for my long midnight drive – which then gives him only a few short hours to sleep before his meeting the next morning. Oh, and he teaches my lesson for me in Sunday school.

And THAT my friends, is why my husband is better than yours.


Srsly tho.


November 3, 2012
by Sara


So last weekend I ran a half marathon with my sister…and I didn’t die! (even though I looked it)…and I loved it!

But seriously.  I did.

We stayed the night in Provo, prepared by eating Cafe Rio salads and watching Matilda, and woke up at 5:00 am to get to the shuttle on time.  The race started at Sundance and came down the canyon.  It was beautiful.

A few thoughts while running:

“This is the best moment of my life.”  (“This moment” being when the starting gun went off, and hundreds of people all dressed in ridiculous costumes just took off down the mountain.  Awesome.)

“I am loving this.”

“I could do a marathon.  Not now.  But sometime.”

“I am so incredibly grateful for a body that allows me to do this.”

“I. Am. Awesome!!!!!!”

For real.  I think everyone should do a race, if only for the self-esteem boost.  People were honking, cheering, kids were giving me high-fives, everyone was rooting for me the entire time, and at the end you get a medal.  I felt like a celebrity.

I couldn’t walk for the next few days, but…that’s neither here nor there.

Until next time!