An Infinite Summer

my friends are better than yours


this year i am viewmont high school’s dance company assistant artistic director.
i love it.
the amazing artistic director and my wonderful friend was diagnosed with MS a few years back. she is still in her 2o’s.
every year the MS walk in salt lake city falls on the dance concert weekend. after walking and talking with some of the people i love most, i just want to say thank you.
thank you for not giving into your illness.
thank you for the impromptu but definitely definite forming of our own dance company ragnar team.
thank you for talking with me about how dance and the arts help us to understand the sacred things we learn in the temple.
thank you for being passionate about creativity in all forms.
thank you for our plan to get together and instead of talking, improv everything we want to say to each other.
thank you for making me realize that i can’t truly live, without dance.

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