An Infinite Summer

my apologies


world of bloggers.You may have been thinking that I have dropped off the face of the earth.
And you would be right.

I am currently residing in a place called Wedding Land. Right past Engaged Lane and if you’ve hit Baby Boulevard you’ve gone too far. (way way too far)
It’s totally awesome.
And kind of stressful.

And sometimes I get caught up in the little stressors and forget the big picture.
That I just need to chill out.
And be happy.
Because I am getting married to the love of my life.
And we are going to have the ultimate marriage.

Some things that have been accomplished since our last visit:

took my bridals
had two showers
wrote thank you notes
made and sent out invitations
picked out tables, chairs, sashes, flowers, centerpieces, napkins, food, etc. etc. etc.
planned the dinner
made the sign in book
designed the cake
stained the deck
planted flowers and more flowers
gone swimming and hiking and to the drive-in (not wedding related but important nonetheless)

Still to be done:

go through the temple :)
final fitting and picking up of the dress
one shower and one partay
finish wedding video
move in to the apartment
party at the dinner
party at the temple
party at the reception
party in mexico
party for the rest of time!


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