An Infinite Summer

Marry Me


After talking with Jules about how she is marrying Cory Matthews,
Right? Right?
It made me think.
I married the guy that can’t quite remember how many girls he has kissed.
I married the guy that could convince a girl to go out with him by sending a note through the bank drive through.
I married the guy that looks like this.
I married the guy who would wink at you not because he was a creeper, but because he knew exactly how smooth he was, and that it would make you a little weak in the knees.
I married the guy who figured out he could do the packets they give to people who fail a class, before classes actually started, and spent the last semester of high school with only two class periods.
I married a blonde, preppy, Californian charmer.
You guys, my life has come full circle.
I married Zack Morris.


  1. your blog is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE.

  2. zack morris is every 90′s girls dream!!!!! you’re so lucky.

  3. You guys are SO CUTE. Also, have you considered being a big time writer. Because you are so so good at it. Every post keeps me holding on and is so exciting. You really have such a natural talent for writing! Do it. You’d be famous.

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