An Infinite Summer

Little Goals


This week I have two goals.

1.  Enjoy Cooking.

The thing is, I really do enjoy cooking.  When I have a plan.  And all the ingredients.  And oodles of time to do it in.  But in reality, I am rushing home from the gym, starving, just wanting to eat something.  Therefore it has become a chore.  A chore that I have not been doing well, I might add.

I was reading a list of 100 cooking tips from all the top chefs/cooks online, and they were all very scientific.  Use butter not margarine, marinate all day, cut lengthwise, etc.  But one said, “shoes off, music up, drink in hand.”  It put the most delightful picture in my mind, and I loved it.  This is now my new kitchen motto.  And maybe now I’ll make something other than Little Caesars for dinner.

2. Work Until 8:00 pm.

And by work, I mean be productive.  And by productive I mean basically anything not involving TV or cheesy teen rom com novels.  I want to get off work, go to the gym, make dinner (and enjoy it!), clean my house, do the laundry, run errands, write, work on one of my 50 current projects, do personal progress (guess who’s a laurel advisor!  holla!), read something worthwhile, etc. etc.

Being married to a boy who just quit his job to work for himself (finally!), is working under a very strict deadline, and also happens to be a full time student…it can almost give one the impression of being, well, single.  I have time to myself each evening, and as much as I love blog stalking and plowing through every ABC family series there is on Netflix, I realize I could be using my time a little bit better.

After 8:00 pm I have allowed myself to relax, hangout with my (wait, I have one?) husband, and so on and so forth.  When you get ready for bed at 9:30 pm, that hour and a half is precious.  (I have a wake up time at the unholy hour of 5:00 am.  gross.)

These goals are small, and some may say silly.  They probably won’t change the world.  But then again, they are what I need right now to be happy, and that may very well change my world.

What are some of your little goals?


  1. SARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How happy was I to see that you 1. read my blog, which leads me to 2. that you have a blog that I can now stalk!!!!! I am so so thrilled about all of this! And this post is perfect, it is pretty much everything that I needed to read today! I’m using that kitchen motto from now on and freakin’ I love that 8 o’clock rule as well! You are wonderful and I’m so excited to totally blog stalk you. Yes. YES! CM SARA FOR LIFE!

  2. Ugh, I just commented but I think I lost it. Shoot. It was quite lengthy too. I pretty much just said thanks for the inspiration. I love this! I need to work on this too. I am connected to technology and TV way more than I should be. You’re awesome! Miss you!!

  3. I LOVE this. I really need to disconnect from the computer and TV more often. I think I’d feel a lot happier. I like the idea of working including a good read as work. I really need to read more often. Thanks for the inspiration my dear! Miss you!!

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