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It’s Here!


It is FINALLY Christmas in the Richards’ Household!

I am a pull-out-the-Christmas-stuff-at-twelve-o-one-Thanksgiving-night kind of girl.

But this year, we had the unfortunate task of having to go to California and Mexico to spend Thanksgiving with family….shoot.

It was terrible.  The empty resort, beautiful weather, and tacos as far as the eye can see really was just the worst.

But seriously.  It was awesome.

Combine post-vacation depression (am I the only one that gets that?) with having to work overtime, and our house was decidedly Scroogey until yesterday, when I got my act together.

Now my house is a sparkly, wintery wonderland, that my blurry, ill-staged iPhone pics I took in 2.5 seconds this morning just do not do justice.

So come visit!  We can drink hot chocolate, bask in all the glitter, and then….we’ll snuggle.


  1. I’m only coming to visit if there is legit snuggling.

  2. your “bobble head!”

  3. 1. i’m jealous of your california/mexico/taco trip. like really jealous.
    2. pvd is a real thing. i get it every time after a trip. every.time.
    3. glitter! yes.
    4. am i the only one on this earth without a glitter deer print? teach me?
    5. i’ll come. i’m serious. i will.

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