An Infinite Summer

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These people.
They are Max and Suoma Lieber, and this picture says it all.
We are somehow related, distantly.
They are pretty much my surrogate grandparents out here, and come to my rescue when I need it most.
They have taken me out to dinner more than once, Max brought me fresh strawberries at work, and they sit by me in church.
Last time we were at dinner I asked how they met, and this is their story:Max: We met in London. I was from Switzerland and she was from Finland.
I was not a member yet, and she had been for a couple years.
I went to a night where the organ was played at the church, and was told about a single’s dance that would be going on next week.
I went, and Suoma and I were the only ones who did not have a dance partner, so they said,
“You can dance with each other!”
Suoma: And we’ve been dancing ever since!
Max: And then three weeks later when she dropped me off at the train station, I said,
“I’m going to marry you, you know.”
She said, “You’re crazy!”

(They both laugh.)

They are the greatest.

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  1. i LOVE this. I REALLY LOVE this. Stop slacking off on your blogging duties!! you are under obligation while living in Switzerland

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