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Happee Birthdae

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(this post inspired and copy catted from her)
Jules Morrow is my cousin, roomie, bff, etc.

Find her lovely blog with her deep thoughts and life adventures here.
She has traveled deeper into her own soul than most people can ever hope for.

She turned 21 yesterday, August the tenth, two thousand and ten.

21 reasons why I love Jules:

1. We have been friends since birth. Literally.

2. She is wrapped up in her dream and living in California pursuing a music career.

3. She is actually one of the legits, and has one of the most amazing singing voices I have ever heard.

4. Not only that, she writes her own music, and is every bit a poet as she is a singer.

5. She has shampoo commercial hair.

6. She has one of THEE strongest testimonies I have ever ever seen.

7. She is overflowing with pure love for everyone. Even if she doesn’t like them, she loves them.

8. She has battled an eating disorder for years and is coming out a conqueror.

9. She dances like an O.G.

10. She is constantly trying to better herself in every aspect of her life.

11. She always listens and never judges.

12. She has an amazing knack for making friends. Seriously. People. Love. Her.

13. She dances and sings without abandon on her special mountain whenever she feels so inclined.

14. She can carry on an intelligent, deep conversation AND laugh hysterically at Wipeout.

15. She is not afraid of who she is and embraces every aspect of herself whole heartedly.

16. She thinks she is The Coolest.

17. She will not hesitate to change and adapt her ways of thinking and her actions as her understanding of life, people and the gospel become more clear.

18. She loves the beach.

19. She is making things happen and trying out for American Idol. And making it into the top 5.

20. She wants nothing more than to be a mother.

21. I can honestly say that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, inside and out.

I love you Julesy!
I’m so happy you were birthed.

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  1. cry much?? yup. i love you. and thank you.

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