An Infinite Summer

el Cinco de Mayo


The party started after work when going to see Fast Five in celebration of the day was suggested.
Paul Walker + Fast Cars?
Paul Walker driving the Fast Cars?
I’m so there its insane.
(brian o’conner you so fine.)
The party got better when we were almost home and Trey suddenly gasped.
“I don’t want to get your hopes up.”
“What are you talk–our popcorn maker!”
We parked the car, leapt up to the front porch and there it was:
Our air popper.
Popcorn is Trey’s most favoritest thing.
Naturally we plugged it in right away.
Trey: “It’s too bad we can’t sneak this in to the theater.”
Sara: “Yes we can.”
“Have you seen the bags that I have?”
**proceed to fill a gallon size ziplock with buttery salty popcorn**
“I really don’t think it’ll fit.”
“Trey. I don’t think you understand.”
**bag looks totally empty its so big**
On our way to the theater some rocking out to old school Anberlin was done.
Walking in to the theater feeling a little guilty that we hadn’t done anything even remotely Mexican, it was my turn to gasp.
“Trey. We are going to see Fast Five. Fast Five. It is Cinco de Mayo.”
**high fives all around**
We love holidays.


  1. kellis bachelorette party!!! JUNE 2!! email me your address so i can send you an invite! you betttterrr come!

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