An Infinite Summer

Destination: Mexico


We. Are. Stoked.

We stopped in Gila Bend AZ for the night at the…PAY LESS INN (insert Twilight theme here). 30 bucks a night! For. good. reason.

From the toneless, expressionless, Japanime watching teenage girl at the window to the sweltering hot room (mercifully we could control the a.c.) to the bathroom we held our breath in, to the floor we let nothing touch including our bare feet, the Payless Inn held nothing back in their effort to impress, but this just proved to be too much:

The glued together jigsaw puzzle held up by thumb tacks hanging on the wall.
(notice the missing pieces)
So after bidding the Payless Inn a fond farewell we continued our journey, all the while listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
(Fact: The day before we had to leave He says, “I’m sad to leave but I have to admit I’m a little bit excited to listen to Harry Potter again.”
Me: “ME. TOO!”)

And then we arrived. And I snapped this picture while standing on our front porch.

And so the week was filled with beach time, amazing food, relaxation, possibly a midnight skinny dip and no one on the beach for miles.




Adios Puerto Penasco!
We love you.


  1. ahh honeymoons are the best right?

    you two are adorable.

    ps we listened to harry potter on our drive too. haha

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