An Infinite Summer

Cosmic Love


The other day I told Trey I felt like eating ice cream.
That’s all that was said, and our conversation continued.
5 to 10 minutes later I said, “You know what would be really awesome?”
He answered, “If Coldstone delivered?”
The jury’s still out on whether him reciting word for word my thoughts makes him
just that cool
or me
just that lame.


  1. ice cream delivery, NOW that is a good idea!

  2. thats soo rad. i just realized i’m not getting your blog updates. i don’t know how to fix it, and it kind of breaks my heart.

  3. Beyond the fact that it would marvelous if Coldstone enacted some kind of delivery service, it’s precious that you two are on the same wavelength. I just read the majority of your blog. You two cats are too adorbs.

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