An Infinite Summer



we spent christmas with our toes in the sand with people we love
we both turned 22
i became an official college graduate
i got a new job
trey is taking the hardest classes known to man
we are going back to the beach in less than a month
we still go on lots of little dates
watch lots of movies
are super busy
laugh a lot
& are madly in love.
life is good.
yesterday in church somehow we got on the subject of boys vs. girls.
according to trey no matter what science says it will be all my fault if we have all girls.
it was agreed upon that boys are easier
and that there should at least be two girls so then they can go be dramatic together.
even so, i still want both.
me: “but all the girl stuff is cuter!”
him: “yeah. but i don’t have to shoot girlfriends.”
good point.
he is going to be such a good dad.


  1. Oh to be young, married and in school :) haha

  2. kenny says the same thing! any baby problems will be my fault!! it makes me mad. congratulations on graduating and turning 22. you guys are cute.

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