An Infinite Summer

August 10, 2012
by Sara


This is my latest purchase. So let’s talk about how I spent 60 dollars more for the opportunity to pick my own insane colors and put RISE on the tongues. If you hate it, LIE.  I spent hours (hours!) agonizing over … Continue reading

April 19, 2012
by Sara

A List

A Small List Of Things I Want To Do In This Life Some are silly, some are serious, but they are all true. Be a mom. Write a book. Live by the beach. Buy Trey a suit that costs thousands … Continue reading

April 14, 2012
by Sara

I Am A Reader

Let me paint you a picture. My love affair with books started in first grade, when my teacher Mrs. Warnock gave me the first Boxcar Children book. I am the girl who could not sit down to eat without something … Continue reading