An Infinite Summer



I had been wanting to see Rock of Ages since I saw the previews for it.  We were all set to go.  Then I kept hearing about how it was really great but…all about the sex.  I mean, sex, drugs and rock and roll right?

i just wasn’t in the mood for that.

(full disclosure: i’m sure i’ll still see it and probably love it)

We decided to see Brave instead.

As we sat in the back of the packed theater, I watched everyone around us.  The entire room was filled with people who were fully invested in this children’s movie.  The energy in that room was incredible.  Every single person in there was loving this movie.  This movie that was about family, and strength, and that didn’t need to hide behind anything crude or offensive.

It made me believe in people again.

sidenote:  those of you who have seen it, did you love this as much as we did?  we’re kind of obsessed with it.


  1. i am so in love with this movie. everything about it was good. all of it.
    and now i want a thousand ginger babies.

  2. K, I’m so excited about this new page! I LOVE it! So cute! And it’s about time miss writer of America. You can go so far. I’m serious. I’m excited about this website. Also, you’ve convinced me to go see this. And thanks SO MUCH for all of your help today. It seriously means the world. I love you and am so glad you’re my friend! xoxo

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