An Infinite Summer


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These past two days I have done quite a lot to be proud of. Seriously.

I successfully purchased my own lunch, treat and toilet paper (that was for the office).
I successfully purchased my P.O.O.L..P.A.S.S. which is positively thrilling.
I successfully have been to the pool twice which is even more thrilling.
I successfully walked home and didn’t get lost.
I successfully kept all my phalangees when Moose came to greet me today.
I successfully ate a great “fitness plate”, a salad with bunches of veggies and meat surrounding it (apparently they are all the rage in Switzerland).
I successfully ate this on a mountain restaurant with a fantastic view.
I successfully have thoroughly enjoyed these past two days.

I’m so successful.

The Swiss version of a Diet Coke and Caramellow


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  1. Sara! This is so beautiful! I’m so happy you got a blog! :) I am so insanely jealous of you!!! Glad you’re adjusting and hope you’re having a blast!

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