An Infinite Summer

A List


A Small List Of Things I Want To Do In This Life
Some are silly, some are serious, but they are all true.
Be a mom.
Write a book.
Live by the beach.
Buy Trey a suit that costs thousands of dollars.
Go scuba diving everywhere – especially Palau and The Great Barrier Reef.
Get a graduate degree in Psychology.
Go surfing in Bali.
Be as anaerobically fit as I was in high school and as aerobically fit as I was in college, at the same time.
Take more dance classes.
Do charity work.
Buy Trey a Mustang.
Be a motivational speaker.
Become a yogi.
Start a foundation to help girls, incorporating movement and positive self-image.
Become a gardener.
Run a marathon.
Pay cash for a house.
Continually create art – even if I’m the only one who sees it.
Change someone’s life.


  1. i love this list. it’s amazing. the one that is sticking with me is “pay cash for a house.” i can just picture you going up to the realtor, dropping a huge stack of bills saying, “we’ll take it.” and walking away like it’s no big deal. so please, when you DO pay cash for a house, film it.

  2. sara. you are freaking amazing. really. i love this list. oh, i want ALL these things.

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