An Infinite Summer

a few things


I need to get off my chest:
I should be doing homework right. now.
But all I want to do is dream about decorating my house.
Which is still only half decorated.
I am so excited for conference.
A teensy bit of that excitement stems from being able to make a big breakfast and listen to these inspired men and women in my ratty ol’ sweat pants.
I hate scary things but love Halloween.
I love treats way more than my husband.
His advice: “if you just stop eating them eventually you’ll stop wanting them.”
“oh really, how long did that take you?”
“like a year”
We are obsessed with Prison Break.
We’ve both dreamed about it.
We have decided to name all of our future children rich people names to ensure their success later in life (thank you Wentworth Miller).
We will also be putting their names down for Eton at birth just like Justin Finch-Fletchley.
But we’ll still hold out for Hogwarts.

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