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IMG_1186(the creepiest “we’re excited” faces we could muster)



We are moving!




You guys.  YOU GUYS.  It’s finally happening.

When are you moving?!

Trey graduates from school May 3.  My last day at work will be May 3.  We will be moving sometime after that.

Where are you living?!

We will initially be moving in with my fabulous in-laws, in order for us to get down there and find the perfect place.  They live in San Clemente, California, and can see the ocean from their house (swoon!).  We will be looking for a condo/tiny home somewhere in that area.

What will you do for work?!

Trey owns his own business, and can work anywhere with an internet connection.  I….well, we all know all I want is a squishy baby to be my beach buddy, but I also have some projects in mind that I’m pretty excited about.  And if it turns out I need to get a job at any point, then I will.

Won’t you miss your family?!

If you ask me this, I hope you fully expect me to give you the stink-eye in return.  OF COURSE WE WILL.  It is terribly exciting to be moving closer to one half of our family, and horrifically sad to be leaving the other.

What it really comes down to though, is that we just REALLY WANT TO LIVE AT THE BEACH.  Trey was born and raised in Southern California, and could swim before he could walk.  He has always wanted to go back.  As for me, my parents knew I was a goner the second my nine year old self cried to my dad saying that I was homesick, after we came back to Utah from my first Hawaii trip.  (I mean, have you looked at this blog?)

It is heartbreaking to leave my family behind, as well as our friends and loved ones.  But all I can say is, once we have our own place (and let’s be honest, probably before, the Richards’ really are the coolest), you all have a FREE BEACH HOUSE TO STAY AT!  I cannot emphasize enough how much we want each and every one of you (unless you’re a stranger, don’t be weird) to come visit us, and not be awkward about it.  Just tell us you’re coming and we’ll leave the doors unlocked.  Or just show up, I love surprises more than anything.

We realize how incredibly blessed we are that Trey can work wherever he wants, and that we have such supportive family members.  It truly is amazing, and we cannot wait for this new phase of life.

Now let’s cram as much face time with as many of you as possible before May, shall we?







  1. I think it hit me for the first time that I’m sad to see you go! I kept thinking about how awesome it would be that it didn’t phase me yet… But of course it still is the greatest and because I know the joys of living there, I will have to let you go.

  2. OHMYGOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Don’t forget me!!!! Who am I awkwardly going to run in to at temple square this winter?!!!!

  3. WHAT?!?!?! my feelings are all jumbled right now. i’m half excited for you half mad at you. DON’T LEAVE US!! or do, and just let us visit and party in your new cali homeland. blog road trip to cali! this means you have to blog allll the time so we can keep updated on your beach-living ways!

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