An Infinite Summer

12 Year Old Bike Dreamz

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A couple saturdays ago it was warm.
And we had just re-acquired our bikes.

Obviously a ride was in order,
and we were catapulted back to the seventh grade.

We sped on over to Kneader’s where we demolished their french toast,

isn’t he dreamy?

then pedaled back the other direction to Target to get one of these
because all my dance company girls have them
and i wanted to be like all the super cool high schoolers.

We were weaving in and out of traffic, zooming past the sidewalkers, nothing could stop us.
With Trey having to try a trick every time an opportunity presented itself,
and me being just out of control enough that I was a danger to everyone around me,
we were those 12 year old menaces to society that old people yell at and mother’s wonder who raised those little hellions.

Kids have the good life.

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  1. bike riding is da beeeest.
    and there’s a kneader’s so close to me but i’ve never tried their french toast (don’t judge). i feel like this is something i need to do before i die.

    and ding ding ding!!! you won!! let’s start rehearsals ASAP!

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