An Infinite Summer

October 30, 2013
by Sara

5 Weird Things No One Told Me (Or I Didn’t Believe) About Being Pregnant

1. Unemployment

Many, many people told me, “if at all possible, DON’T WORK while you are pregnant.  You will be so happy you didn’t.”  And now that I am pregnant, and not working, many, many (of the same) people now ask me, “but…what do you do all day?”


2. Pillows 

I had heard rumors that a body pillow is a pregnant lady’s best friend; HOWEVER, I was not prepared for the absolutely-vital-to-my-sleep body pillow + 2-3 regular pillows, and the nightmare that they are to untangle myself from, each time I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.  Neither was Trey.

bed cartography

3. Well meaning(?) commenters

“I thought you had just gained weight, I didn’t realize you were pregnant!”

“I like that girl’s shirt, do you see how it drapes to hide her stomach?”

“My sister/neighbor/friend is due before you, and she hardly has a bump!”

You Don't Say

4. Food

Contrary to popular myth, I have not had any middle of the night cravings for fried pickles and ice cream that can turn on a dime.  I do occasionally get something in my head, which I then think about until I actually eat it, but more often than not, I am just hideously indecisive, and am waiting for the day that it blows up in my face.

Go Ahead and Starve

But it won’t, because Trey is patient, and loving, and awesome.

5. The name game

I realize you’re supposed to keep your child’s name a secret until it is official to avoid unwanted opinions, but in our case it was slightly impossible.  When you are naming your child “The Fourth” of something, people generally have it figured out.  Even so, I was hoping that we could still skip the comments on the name, since it has basically been official since the time I learned that “Trey” stood for The Third.  (Like uno, dos, tres…get it?)  Little did I know, people are just as opinionated about your kid’s nickname, as they are about what goes on their birth certificate.

Haters Gonna Hate

Up next:  5 WONDERFUL Things No One Told Me (Or I Didn’t Believe) About Being Pregnant

October 24, 2013
by Sara


A small interruption to the regular (or irregular as of late) blog posts – help a sister out!


Trey’s company is up for a $250,000 small business grant.  To be considered eligible, he needs at least 250 votes.  If you are a decent person I ask that you kindly go HERE to vote.

All you need is a valid Facebook account, search for “Tractus” and click Vote.  One vote per person.  Piece of cake!

Just a reminder that in doing so, you are supporting our family’s dream of living at the beach, raising a really cute (I can only assume) baby boy AT the beach, and actually having time to GO to the beach.

You guys are the best.

September 17, 2013
by Sara
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some halfway highlights

being told “i just thought you had gained some weight, i didn’t know you were pregnant!” before i actually started showing at all.

crying because i couldn’t decide where to eat for dinner.

buying mango salsa from costco, it getting left out overnight, and obsessing about it for the next two weeks.

getting emotional at the beach because of a passing thought about my family’s cat that was put down a year ago.

realizing just how many activities of daily living require the abdominal muscles that i do not have anymore.

that dream i had where an extended family member saw his mom, who was actually hannah’s mom from pretty little liars, with a guy from gossip girl, who actually isn’t from gossip girl, but my brain told me that he was, who wasn’t the family member’s dad, so he murdered his/hannah’s mom and hid her head in the drawer where i keep my hair brushes.  (this may speak more to deep-seated psychological issues than the fact that i am pregnant)

being able to completely justify eating three bowls of cinnamon toast crunch right before bed if i want to.

trey being able to win every “a real man would…” argument with his brothers with, “a real man would get his wife pregnant with a baby boy.”

knowing all along that we were having a boy.

baby kicks.

the look on trey’s face the first time he felt one.

September 11, 2013
by Sara


I have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus, and I think I have figured out why.  Ever since we moved to California, I have had much more free time on my hands, and much of that time is alone time.  Just me, alone with my thoughts and feelings, and actually having time to think those thoughts, and feel those feelings!  Couple that with the new state, new living arrangements, homesickness, and first pregnancy, and I have had a lot of thoughts and feelings.  I have sat down so many times and tried to get them out on this blog, but I could never bring myself to do it.  I felt as though they had all jammed together and created a bottleneck, making it so nothing could get out.

I just recently decided to start writing again for myself.  Just me.  In a notebook.  With a pen.  (Oh the hand cramps!)  I cannot tell you how good it feels not to have to self-edit, find the perfect photos to accompany my writing, or try to make sense of the jumble of words that come out.  Kristin has reminded me through her own words, that writing is a gift of mine.  It always has been.  It may never be publicly acknowledged, or turn into a career, but it is something that has been given to me, and it is something that I love.  We write to remember, but we also write to receive.  To receive revelation, inspiration, relief, and to just figure stuff out.  

I have been feeling much more private recently.  Whatever the reason may be, I think that is OK.  It is OK for me to keep stories and experiences to myself, and to do something for no other reason than that it makes me happy.  The fact that this notebook is for absolutely no one but myself, is incredibly liberating.

So for now, I ask you to bear with me.  I love blogging, and the relationships and connections I have formed because of it.  There is something just as liberating about putting something out there where anyone can see it.  But I can’t do that without also having something just for me.  Considering my personality, I should have figured this out awhile ago.  Now that I have, I hope to get back to sharing parts of my life.  But only parts, and only when it feels right.

I love that we are always evolving as individuals, and that public forums can reflect that.  I hope blogging is always a part of me.  I now know that writing always will be.

July 17, 2013
by Sara

That ain’t no etch-a-sketch…

…this is one doodle that can’t be un-did, home skillet.

I am 12 weeks along.

Due end of January-ish.

Due to the pure grace of God, genetics, and sheer force of will, I have not yet thrown up.

The smell of the fridge and freshly done laundry grosses me out.

I have been living on cereal, french fries, and anything carb-related.

My dreams are a psychotic mash-up of Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Friday Night Lights, and The Walking Dead characters, and we are always trying to get out of some terrifying situation.

I have only had one mental breakdown in regards to none of my clothes fitting when I really “should just be barely starting to show”.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately – being a Professional Pregnant Person.  Not working full time has been the single greatest thing that has ever happened to me during this particular phase of life.  I have had a hard time coping with the fact that I am just too danged tired to DO anything, but then I finally decided to embrace the fact that all I really want to do is marathon FNL, cross-stitch, read, and eat bread – and that fact that I CAN.

So, a shout out to Trey for already being the best baby daddy there ever was, and a shout out to my in-laws for letting me eat their entire supply of cup-a-noodles.

Besides the fact that I am thrilled to have the rest of the year to shamelessly quote Juno and Baby Mama, we are completely ecstatic, and cannot wait to meet this tiny human!